Knobstone Properties

Knobstone Properties

was established with a passion to be personalized…
not franchised! We believe this leads to quality over quantity.

We provide our clients with over 60 years of combined expertise from real estate sales, appraising, home inspections and much more.

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Often times, when I meet new clients the question eventually gets asked… “Where did you get the name Knobstone Properties?”

The criteria for our name was simple, or so we thought. Christy and I came to the conclusion that our name had to check two boxes. It had to be unique and it had to be significant to Southern Indiana. Several names came to mind, however they didn’t meet our criteria. We were both surprised as we thought this would be an easy task. It was just a name, right?

During this time of planning our business venture I would spend what free time I had hiking. It was a hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoyed. My trail of choice is known as the Knobstone Trail. One day upon returning from a hike we began to discuss names once again. Suddenly, I had an thought. What is Knobstone? A quick search lead me to several interesting reads all pertaining to the Knobstone Escarpment which, to our surprise, defines much of the Southern Indiana territory. An escarpment for those that are interested, is a long, cliff like ridge commonly formed by faulting or fracturing of the earths crust.

The Knobstone Escarpment spans approximately 150 miles. It begins near New Albany and stops just shy of Indianapolis near Martinsville, Indiana. The ridge itself actually divides what is known as the Scottsburg Lowlands from the Norman Uplands. Because of this division, the Lowlands and the Uplands have very distinct differences in their agricultural makeup. A few of these contrasts include elevation, sun exposure, soil, rainfall and other factors which all attribute to our diverse and beautiful 4 seasons, especially the fall.

Needless to say we found the significance we were searching for in the name Knobstone Properties.