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Home Criteria Changes

Ask Yourself...

How well does my current residence meet my needs?

As life progresses, our demands for our home evolve. No matter your needs we are confident we can find a home that meets or exceeds them! Call today!

Competitive Market Analysis

Knowing the value of your home is critical.

Listing above market value can rob you of precious time and energy, while the opposite leaves money on the table!

Don’t allow this to delay your plans for the future. Given the opportunity, we’d love to help decide which stack of coins your home belongs with.

Increased Activity, Maximum Value!


Making areas feel larger than they are and creating spaces that flow from one room to the next is truly an art.


Odors set the pace for showings. Whether it's pet, smoke or burnt dinner, it can impact perception of value or overall interest.


Updating a home can increase its value significantly if done correctly. Just be careful not to over-improve!

Pre-listing Considerations

The first thing perspective buyers see when shopping for homes, whether online or driving through the neighborhood, is the front! Impressions immediately start to develop in that buyers mind based on what they initially see. It is one of the least expensive areas of your home to enhance and the first thing that catches buyers eyes. If you need advise, we can help.

Conducting a pre-inspection on your home, prior to listing, can be very advantageous. Not only does it educate you on the overall condition of your home, it may also bring up areas of concern for future buyers. This provides sellers options on how to proceed. These options include gathering estimates for the buyer, repairing the items prior to listing and of course disclosing the current and/or prior issues with the home.

You don’t always need to have a pre-inspection to know you may be dinged on aging or defective items. If you’re aware of deficiencies in your home, it may be in your best interest to get estimates by a qualified contractor in that field. Even if you don’t plan to remedy the issue, these estimates may help the buyer determine if they can afford to move forward.

It’s always a good idea to provide documentation regarding warranties and/or guarantees on appliances, mechanical items or repairs made to the home. It’s better to find them now then after you started packing!

Pre-listing appraisals don’t just set a realistic list price, they support it! Starting near an appraised value often leads to faster activity on your home. Price is always relevant!

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